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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Drained Divas!!!

Last summer I started a moms group by the name of Drained Divas and I thought what a great idea...Granted many people have had groups here in Wichita by different names, however I thought Id start one on Facebook...I also genuinely care about the moms in the group and really want to make it a fun, interactive, and supporting place for mamas to go to to meet other mamas...Well, I would like to go on record of saying the first group was an utter failure, so I restarted the group on Facebook with a new look and function and I have to say there has been more activity today than there has been in at least 6 months...It is very encouraging...I just hope the women of this group stay active and are as excited about this group as I am...


  1. I'm glad you started it up again - hopefully I'll be able to participate a little more now. And once I get a new set of wheels, watch out! I'll be looking for excuses to drive all over creation!

  2. Thanks Amy, i hope you are able to participate this summer as well...