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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Amazing Day!!!

So me and Alphonso were supposed to go out tonight to a friends wedding reception and my grandparents were going to watch the kids, but we ended up not going and decided to spend the day with the kids. We started the day off all spending time together and cuddling in our bed and then took the kids to see HOP at 12, which was a reward for Jazzy having a great report card. After the movie we came home and laid little man down for a nap and me and Jazz ran to Mr. Goodcents to get some dinner. Once little man woke up around 7 we watched the Kids Choice Awards because Jazz wanted to and her and Gabriel really enjoyed it. Now little man is back in bed and Im watching Jazz and Alphonso watching stupid videos on YouTube and they are so cute together. Here in a bit me and Jazz will head out for our weekly visit to Starbucks, which she almost counts on every Saturday and I dont know we might even rent a couple movies.

It has been an amazing day and I truly cherish the days that I have like this and thank god for the family I have. I know many people in this world are not even as close to as fortunate as I am and sometimes I forget that, as in one of my previous blogs aout Alphonso being selfish...I need to remind myself that I am lucky to have the husband and children I have as well as the life I live...

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