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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Long Day?

Today could be a long day, Jasmine got sick last night after school and threw up for a couple hours, however she was better last night before she went to bed and slept all night. She is eating some dry cereal this morning and I hope that doesnt start it all back up, if it does UGH!!! At least last night I had Alphonso home with me to help watch the baby so I could take care of her. Having a sick kid is one of the worst things in the world, you feel so helpless and cant take the pain away. At least its cloudy and dark out today so she can rest good in her room.

On the healthier side of things tho Gabriel is cranky and has dumped his bowl of cereal a couple times, he made a huge mess. He was also up at 6 and got in bed with me so now i have a huge kink in my kneck, hopefully that goes away soon...Like I said it could be a long day...

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